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Credit Services

Fuel Your Business

For more than 50 years, Credco’s leading consumer information solutions have enabled top lenders to make sound, agile business decisions. Today, we continue to identify new technologies, and create new products, to help our customers make smarter business decisions across an ever-changing marketplace.

CoreLogic Credco is integrated with more than 50 dealer sales and finance platforms, including DealerTrack and RouteOne®. Seamless integration means you can conveniently order all three bureaus from a single source, and receive credit information in a simple, easy-to-read format.

Credit Reports

We deliver fast, convenient single-source access to all three national credit bureaus - Experian®, TransUnion and Equifax® – to streamline your F&I and sales processes.

Three-Bureau PreQual Reports

Leveraging single-source access to all three national credit bureaus, you can easily perform an initial, non-decisionable credit check without negatively impacting a consumer’s credit score.

Credit Advantage

Offered exclusively from CoreLogic Credco, Credit Advantage goes beyond the credit report by providing the key consumer demographic and lifestyle information you need to put your customers in the right vehicles

Risk-Based Pricing Regulation

In compliance with Federal regulation, a Risk-Based Pricing compliant Credit Score Disclosure (CSD) will automatically be provided with every Credco credit report ordered – at no additional charge.

Additionally, if you wish to have a duplicate CSD mailed directly to your customers, CoreLogic Credco offers a turn-key CSD mailing option.

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